10 Ways Men Can Make Their Gym Outfit Really Stand Out

by Jessica Sweet

The American activewear market is a thriving and growing space, with many gymgoers choosing to forgo the traditional dirty t-shirt and joggers in favor of fashionable branded gear.

It’s no longer acceptable for fitness fanatics to wear old clothes that they don’t like; today gymgoers use their clothes to show not only their style, but also their dedication to their fitness regime.

For men, this development means you know need to find new ways to style yourself that will leave you feeling comfortable and looking great. Here are some tips on how you can upgrade your gym wear and work out in style.

Tailor Your Outfit To Your Workout

Comfort is key when it comes to finding the perfect activewear, so you need to think about all the different workouts you do and what you should wear to each. What you wear as you exercise affects your performance, so it’s important that you find clothing to suit every exercise you undertake. When weightlifting you’re going to need to wear different clothes to those you wear when you’re doing cardio, so keep a store of activewear in different fits and styles to suit every part of your workout.

Avoid Tight Fitting Clothes

When you think of gym clothes you might imagine tight fitting tops and bulging shorts, but wearing tight clothes not only looks tacky but also restricts you during your workout. Instead, look for loose fitting clothes that will allow you to exercise in comfort and hide any unsightly lumps at the same time.

Invest In One Designer Piece

Showcase your style by investing in one luxury item of gym clothing, so that you can make your look pop without putting too much effort into your clothes. This is an easy way to show your fellow gymgoers that you’re dedicated to style and have fashion sense as well as fitness prowess.

Find Quality Brands Designed To Optimize Performance

As the activewear market has grown, brands have become increasingly dedicated to combining performance with style to create fashionable solutions you can use to optimize your exercise regime and still look great in. From outdoor activewear through to bold branded jumpers, there’s an activewear brand to suit every style so you can find quality clothing that will suit you and your fitness regime.

Consider Bright Colors

In ordinary situations bold colored clothes can look cheap and nasty, but at the gym there will be loads of other fitness fanatics wearing neon activewear and showing off their creativity. As your gym clothes will only be seen when you’re exercising you can indulge your love of color and pick out some bright, bold clothes that you wouldn’t usually wear.

Find Breathable Fabrics

Skin sweats during a workout, even in cold temperatures, so you need to make sure that your gym clothes are breathable. Select items that are made with breathable fabrics so that you can look good and still regulate your heat throughout your body as you exercise.

Set Your Look Apart With One Major Logo

Most brands include logos on their products, but some are more prominent than others. When putting together an outfit for your visit to the gym, it’s important that you select one item to have a bold logo on and then keep the rest of your outfit plain. This will ensure that you make your one logo stand out and don’t make your ensemble look too busy and distracting.

Read Reviews

Like any product, some activewear will be of better quality than others, so read customer reviews to find out the honest opinions of the gymgoers who actually wear products from each brand before you explore their product ranges. Remember that reviews may be biased, so try to look for consistency and be objective so that you can find the best activewear brands that’ll suit you before you commit to buying their products.

Keep Your Look Sleek

To avoid looking cluttered and catching your clothes on gym equipment, try to keep your accessories to a minimum. This will ensure that your activewear is the star of your outfit and will keep you feeling great as you work out and improve your fitness.

Take Good Care Of Your Clothes

Once you’ve bought the activewear you love, it’s important that you look after it so that it lasts you for a long time and helps you to make the most out of your time at the gym. Wash your clothes according to the instructions and always use quality detergent and fabric softener so that you’re left with soft, snug workout clothes to keep you comfortable as your exercise.

These ideas can help turn your outfit from dull and drab to bold and brave so that you can impress even as you work out.

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