10 Ways Men Can Make Their Gym Outfit Really Stand Out

by Jessica Sweet
Shoes are a key part of any outfit, but as they’re at the bottom of your body they can often be overlooked, leaving you stuck wearing uncomfortable or ugly shoes that don’t go with the rest of your look. To help you find the shoes that you can party the night away in, I’ve compiled a set of tips on finding your perfect pairs of footwear and then matching them to your outfits.

Buy Quality Shoes

You might think this sounds a bit obvious, but it’s important that you invest in quality shoes. Cheap shoes can damage your feet, so make sure that you invest in good footwear for your parties. They don’t have to be extremely expensive, but they must be good quality, so look out for companies that emphasise this and are renowned for providing shoes that last and bring comfort to their wearer. Check the quality of the stitching, materials and fastenings when you’re assessing a new pair of quality shoes so that you can find the perfect pair that’ll keep you comfortable and give you fun experiences for a long time.

Don’t Focus On Brands

While quality shoes are important, it’s equally vital that you don’t just go for fashionable brands. Some expensive brands might be worth it, but others might simply be fashionable without giving you the quality you need. Examine the shoes themselves, and don’t trust a brand you’ve bought before simply because your last pair of shoes were good. They might have changed their quality, or the design might be different. Select each pair of shoes based off its own merit, not just the brand that created it.

Keep A Selection Of Styles

Women’s party shoes come in a variety of different styles, as well as colours, finishes and materials, so choose a few pairs to go with everything. For example, you might want to have a pair of heeled boots for winter, a pair of strappy sandals for summer and a few pairs of heels of various sizes for big nights out at fancy events and night clubs. You might even want to have a funky pair for when you’re feeling like wearing something a little different.

Select Versatile Colours

Bold, bright, footwear has its place on the catwalk, but in real life it can be hard to style these colours with your outfits. Even if you wear a lot of bright colours in other areas of your wardrobe, you’ll still need muted shoes to avoid clashing and creating a distracting, disordered look. When shopping for shoes, you should try to find them in classic colours like black, navy blue and grey so that they look great with everything.

Make Sure They Fit

If you’ve ever found a pair of shoes in a sale then you’ll know the struggle: you’ve found the perfect pair of heels that will go with everything, but they’ve run out of your size. It might be tempting to pick a size that’s only one away from the one you usually wear, but don’t do it. You’ll damage your feet and could also cause yourself posture and mobility issues, so always buy shoes that fit. Wherever possible, try shoes on before you buy them, and if you must buy them online then be aware of the size you wear in that particular brand and make sure that the site has a good returns policy in case they don’t fit perfectly when they arrive.

Carry Flats Just In Case

If you love wearing heels, but often find yourself taking them off throughout the night, buy a pair of roll-up flats that can easily be tucked into even the smallest of clutch bags, then unfurled when you need them. This will keep your feet safe and clean throughout the night and still allow you to wear the heeled shoes you love the look of.

Use Insoles To Fix Any Issues

Even shoes that fit perfectly sometimes rub or irritate feet, so use an insole to rectify any minor issues you have with your shoes so that you can enjoy your night out in comfort. You can usually cut your insoles down to size, meaning that they won’t show even if you’re wearing open shoes, so your feet will look good and feel even better no matter how much dancing you do.

Focus On Comfort

Always remember that no matter how beautifully crafted your outfit is, it won’t look good if you’re uncomfortable wearing it. Make sure that you feel comfortable in your shoes and are able to dance, walk and enjoy yourself without your shoes pinching or rubbing. Wearing shoes that are comfortable will make you look good and feel happy throughout the night. Creating a party look is an exciting process, so make sure you don’t neglect your footwear and choose the perfect pair of shoes to finish your look.

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