Why Every Makeup Lover Should Be Using A Remover Cloth

by Jessica Sweet

When I first started wearing makeup I used loads of different types of remover; from wipes through to thick creams, I’ve tried it all, but I’ve never found a product that suits me and my skin.

Often, I find that makeup removers break me out, or that they are too sticky and leave my skin feeling strange. Also, a lot of them don’t remove most of my makeup, especially when I go out on a celebration and wear heavy layers of foundation and bright eye looks.

Then I started hearing about makeup remover cloths where you don’t need any products, just a cloth. Intrigued by the idea of just wiping your face with a damp cloth and having all your makeup come off, I tried one out.

From this one experiment, my whole life changed. For those who are sceptical, let me outline the ways in which a makeup remover cloth could revolutionise your entire skincare routine.

Using Just A Cloth Makes Things So Much Easier

Makeup remover cloths workbecause they have dense threads that pick-up makeup and dirt from deep within your skin, unlike other face cloths. This is why they’re much softer than other fabrics and don’t use any chemicals to take the makeup off your skin.

As a result, you don’t need to use multiple products or take the time to scrub, exfoliate or massage your skin. All you need is a makeup remover cloth and some warm water and you’re done!

It’s Better For The Environment

Face wipes are bad for skin and the environment, as they cause a lot of waste and they’re not recyclable or biodegradable. They also often get flushed down the toilet, which means a lot of them end up in the ocean and cause damage to the ecosystem there.

Makeup remover cloths have the same time saving properties as makeup remover wipes, but without the added wastage. As a result, they’re better for the environment and will help you to go to sleep with clean skin and a clean conscience.

They’re Reusable

Makeup remover cloths can be used until they become dirty, so you don’t have to buy one for every day of the week. You can get multipacks of some cloths, allowing you to easily swap a dirty cloth for a clean one if you need to.

This is great for busy people who want to quickly remove their makeup but don’t want to have to think about finding a fresh face cloth every time.

You Can Save Money

Buying makeup remover pads, wipes or products is a big part of any beauty fan’s budget, as many products cost a lot of money and don’t last very long. As they also have ingredients that come into contact with your skin, it’s important that you invest in the best so that you don’t end up breaking out or damaging your beautiful skin.

With a makeup remover cloth, you just buy the cloth once and own it until it becomes tatty or gets damaged. This could be quite a while, particularly if you don’t wear makeup often. There are also loads of different types of cloth, so you can find a budget friendly one. When they first became popular there were only a few pricey brands, but the price has now dropped and there are several cheaper versions of the same solution there. As they’re all based on the same principal you know that whatever you pay, you’ll be getting the same solution.

Cloths Work On All Skin Types

Normal makeup removers are designed for different skin types because they contain chemicals and work better on different skin types. Because a makeup remover cloth only uses friction and water, it works well for every type of skin.

As a result, anyone can use one of these magical cloths to remove their makeup and keep their skin fresh and clean.

Even Stubborn Makeup Comes Off

Every makeup lover’s dream is to have a look that will stay on all day without smudging or moving but will be easy to remove. This is the holy grail, but it’s hard to achieve. There are now many makeup products that promise to stay put all day, but it can be tough to take them off when you’re ready for bed, or to change your look.

By using a makeup remover cloth, you can quickly and easily take your makeup off. If you are wearing a lot of makeup you might need to wash your face afterwards, but you can easily integrate it into your skincare routine so that you take your makeup off with ease.

They’re Easy To Clean

Makeup remover cloths are easy to clean because all you have to do is chuck them in the washing machine when you do a load! Use a non-bio washing liquid and fabric softener and make sure the machine isn’t above 40 degrees and you should be fine. You don’t even have to wash them separately: they can go in the machine with all your clothes. You can’t tumble dry them, but I’ve found that my cloths dry really easily if they’re popped onto the radiator for ten minutes or so after they come out of the washing machine. As such, you can have one ready to go really quickly and don’t have to use any special cleaner to get your makeup out.

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